Oh Halle.

2017 update: Halle Berry is “done with love.”

I feel bad bringing this up but…

I believe in not blaming the victim. Truly. I am aware that victims of abuse may be more vulnerable to future abuse and mental health issues.

But what’s going on here?

A man hit Halle so hard that she is almost completely deaf in one ear. The man is rumored to be Wesley Snipes.

Halle was married to David Justice. It ended badly. Halle requested and received a restraining order. She later said she considered suicide after the divorce.

She was also married to Eric Benet who cheated on Halle and later called himself a sex addict.

Halle met model Gabriel Aubry at a shoot. Their life together seemed calm and they were together for several years before their daughter Nahla arrived. After they broke up, a public and ongoing battle, largely focused on custody, began.

Now Halle is engaged to Olivier Martinez. I don’t know much about him beyond his starring role in Unfaithful, and the fact that he used to be loved up with Kylie Minogue. Martinez reportedly committed violent acts against Aubry’s oh-so-handsome face on Thanksgiving, ostensibly with Nahla watching.

Via People

It’s entirely possible that Halle has had pleasant relationships in between that didn’t end in restraining orders and suicidal ideation. If those couplings existed, they didn’t get much coverage. And shiny celebrity mags would, I think, be all too glad to cover beautiful, talented Halle looking happy and in love.

Sadly, Halle’s childhood explains a lot. Multiple sources describe her witnessing her alcoholic father, who came in and out of her life, physically abusing her mother. She also has described her challenges growing up biracial.

I empathize, but Halle is an adult, one with the means to get herself all the mental health care in the world. More importantly, she’s a mother and that beautiful little kiddo sees and hears everything.

Do better, Halle. Surround yourself with good people or no one at all.

Update: Halle is getting her third divorce.

4 thoughts on “Oh Halle.

  1. ginavergel (@ginavergel7)

    I’m no expert but it seems to me that domestic violence victims go two ways. Like … me. It took me some months (and it was not an every day occurrence because I was in college) but I broke things off and then I never, ever, ever, ever, ever dated a guy who was jealous, showed violence tendencies, or even had a loud voice, again. Then again, I’ve met and have heard of women who date guys who tend to be possessive, verbally abusive and somewhat violent, etc., and it’s almost a pattern. (And btw, I’ve known men who are attracted to women who display some of those traits, too!). Perhaps there is something tthey are attracted to in some way? I wonder if it’s subconscious choice, maybe.

  2. David

    Many of her family have indicated though that her ‘history’ of her family and her victimization is all made up. Remember the hit & run where she came up with a diabetes excuse that was later “cured”? SHE was a victim of diabetes. For the last number of years, she will not stop feeding false narratives about her ex to TMZ and the media.


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