Old Forge pizza

Whenever I go home to the Scranton area, going for pizza is high on my To Do list.

Not just any pizza will do. And I definitely don’t call for Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Sacrilege.

Instead it’s Old Forge style pizza I crave. When I visited my family for Christmas, my friend Kristin and I went to Salerno’s.


It was so satisfying. Great, familiar pizza shared with a friend I have known since we were five years old.

Have you ever tried this style of pizza?

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4 thoughts on “Old Forge pizza

  1. NEPApizzareview

    I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and have Old Forge Pizza all the time! I must say this is the only area that puts american cheese on Pizza, but it is amazing! Thanks for the post!

  2. Micheal Kleinman

    I have had Solerno’s and was not impressed. I do not care for the cheese mixture that is runny, without body or flavor and sticks to your teeth. I liked Rinaldi’s the best, Revelo’s was the worst with sauce straight out of the can and flavorless cheese. Arcaro and Genell’s white pizza with spinach was pretty good.


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