The person I used to be

My childhood home is just shy of a shrine to the old me. I never really gave it much thought because as an only child, who else would be featured on my parents’ walls for decades? Surely not, like, art.

When I visited for Christmas, I snapped these photos thinking they’d be good for #TBT on Instagram.


When I shared these pics on Instagram and Facebook, I expected giggles. Instead I had a LOT of people comment that they either didn’t know I danced or that they didn’t realize that I really danced. They were surprised.

So yes. A long time ago, I used to dance. A whole lot. And not just ballet. Also tap (so fun and still a good party trick) and jazz. This wonderful woman was one of my teachers.

I quit studying dance cold turkey when I left for college at seventeen years old. Part of it was due to injuries, but mostly I was over the time commitment dance required through the years and ready to, well, goof off.

What is something surprising about you?

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3 thoughts on “The person I used to be

  1. Erin Harty

    I had forgotten you used to dance! I do remember you talking about it freshman year though.

    Oddly, my parents didn’t used to have have very many childhood photos up… after my brother died, suddenly LOTS appeared. It is a bit shrine-like, but I figure they’re entitled…

  2. Jennifer

    yes, you really did dance. i was there to see it all. once a dancer, always a dancer. it’s in your soul. wow. i have so much gratitude for constance reynolds and joanne arduino it brings a tear to my eye. you and i would not be the women we are today, dancing or not, without them.


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