Guest post by @eimski: Organizing, Polyvore and Other Good Stuff

How do you organize?

I am an organizer by nature. I like to plan in advance for all eventualities. If I am stressed or anxious I usually find that several hours of organizing calms my mind. Yes, I am Eimear and I have an organization addiction.

This fascination with planning extends to my trip wardrobes.  Recently when I visited NYC I let slip to @1chicklette that I use Polyvore to outfit plan prior to traveling. She found it fascinating and suggested I write a post on my reasons for using it, so here you have it.

The first question that I know people will have is why.  Well, ever since I first saw Clueless I have been fascinated by the idea of having a database of all the clothes I own and being able to press a button ala Cher Horowitz to generate an outfit idea.

Via Jewcy

Via Jewcy


I recently discovered that Polyvore somewhat allows you to do this. You can add pictures of any items you have purchased from any online stores (such as Gap, Old Navy, ShopBop etc.) to your ‘Items’ and from there create pictorial ‘Sets’ (basically outfits) using pre created themed templates.

You are probably wondering if all this effort is worth it? Well, I think so and here is why:

1. It helps me keep my luggage to a minimum. Seeing my outfit, accessories, purse and shoe selections in advance can oftentimes help me consolidate my packing–especially with shoes which I always have a hard time in limiting when I travel.

For example here are some of the ‘Sets’ I created for my NYC trip in October.  The visuals of the outfit helped me realize that I only needed two pairs of shoes for the entire trip because my DV Jamison booties could be worn with several outfits.



2. Planning outfits helps me avoid being inappropriately dressed for any occasion.

Being a planner I often know in advance what events or outings will make up my trip.  By pre-planning the outfits I can make sure I never hit the wrong style at an event.

For example I recently attended my brothers wedding in Ireland.  I had many different types of occasions to attend in the same week. Below are some of the options I took with me.

Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner:


Mani and Pedis with my mum:


3. Finally, pre-planning for trips like this just plain gets me excited for the trip!

How do you plan the packing for your trip?

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2 thoughts on “Guest post by @eimski: Organizing, Polyvore and Other Good Stuff

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  2. amandaeaustin

    LOVE this. I am new to Polyvore and still haven’t figure out how to go this far, but I do the same thing with my Pinterest account. I am the same way you are…I’d like my outfits to all be pre-planned for me 🙂 So without a virtual outfit selector, this is the next best thing!


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