I bought it: new brassieres from Intimint

I hadn’t given much thought to my bras lately. I was in something of a bra rut, if such a thing exists. When in doubt, I’d buy another one of these from Victoria’s Secret.

But then a friend showed me her fabulous new bra.


You could see it peeking out of her sexy shirt, but that was the whole point.

She told me it was from Intimint and that Brooke Burke-Charvet has a hand in the designs. I had instant bra envy.

Intimint’s philosophy is that some tops make bras hard to wear without them showing. But you want (or perhaps need) to wear a bra so why not make it a pretty bra worth seeing?

Where were these bras during my sexy (OK, at least flashy) 20s?!

Recognizing that I could stand to up my bra game, I placed an order. My one concern was sizing, having not ordered bras online before. But when they arrived, I was glad to find that the fit was great and consistent with other brands.

The bras aren’t only beautiful but feel high quality. Nothing flimsy about them.


Two cautions:

First, shipping was S-L-O-W. My order arrived almost three weeks after I placed it. When I chatted with customer service, they blamed the fact that I ordered on the day after Christmas.

The bottom line: if you’re in a hurry, choose expedited shipping (US only).

Second, when you place your order you’re automatically enrolled into a monthly program–which I didn’t realize until I saw a new charge for $19.99. Apparently it’s like one of the BirchBox or similar monthly programs. This membership is sort of explained if you dig into the FAQ; the “How It Works” section isn’t as helpful.

I was not amused, especially given that I hadn’t even received my order when the extra charge appeared on my account. Fortunately when I chatted with the customer service rep, they immediately refunded the charge and canceled the plan moving forward.

On the other hand, due to promotions Intimint was running at the time, I got three beautiful bras for just $42. I would definitely order again.

Finally, please note that this is not a sponsored post, just a description of my own experience with Intimint.

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