Sean the Bachelor

Sean Lowe still isn’t my type.

Via InTouch

Yes, Sean is fit (thanks for reminders each episode, Bachelor producers) and he seems nice enough. But kind of dull and prone to saying ‘blessed‘ all the damn time. He isn’t my cup of tea.

That said, his season to date hasn’t been nearly as boring as @aswinn predicted and I expected.

The lady drama has been interesting. And yes, I’ll admit, fun to watch.

We have Selma and her giant knockers…who won’t kiss Sean because she was raised Muslim.

There’s crazy Tierra and her dented forehead that did not happen during her stair fall or the roller derby date.

Via JunDishes and ABC

There was Katie and her WTH hair, and vet Kacie B who didn’t learn that telling the Bachelor about girl drama never ends well.

I’m pretty excited for this week’s extra drama: yep two episodes this week. Will you watch?

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