I went to Southwest Florida

I needed some R&R. That’s what I got in the Naples area of Florida. One day we visited family friends who spend winters Dr. Beach’s #1 beach in the US for 2011. Beach Siesta Key near Sarasota was indeed gorgeous. beach I had drinks with Dad. FL Dad And more drinks with Mom and Dad. FL drinks And when we finished with the beach and the drinks, we hit the pool. FL Mom got all swoon-y over the pianist at Angelina’s in Bonita Springs and got Dad to pay $20 for his CD. FL I made jokes on Twitter but we really did have a good time. Parents


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3 thoughts on “I went to Southwest Florida

  1. Amiable Amiable

    What a beautiful beach! Looks like you had such a nice trip. I’m not jealous at all (teeth chattering in what seems like an unseasonably and unreasonably cold Virginia). And, I’d like one of those drinks, please!


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