My NYC To Do List – Item #12: Then She Fell

It has been a while since I did an NYC To Do List post. Item #11 can be found here.

I decided it’s time to add a new one!

Via Third Rail Projects and Time Out

Via Third Rail Projects and Time Out

One of my previous ‘To Dos’ was the interactive theater experience Sleep No More. I thought it was cool, even if it didn’t meet my very high expectations.

Now I’m hearing Then She Fell is worth a look. It’s based on the writings of Lewis Carroll. This Time Out New York review really stirred my interest. An excerpt:

As in Sleep No More, no two individuals will have the same evening. You may find yourself taking dictation for the Hatter (the mesmerizing Elizabeth Carena), painting cream-colored roses red with the White Rabbit (Tom Pearson) or sitting down to the infamous tea party with the whole gang.

How can I resist a show that takes place in a former mental institution right here in Williamsburg?

Who’s joining me when shows start again in March?

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