“Did I overshare?” A guest post by @candacearm.

One of the coolest people in my life came into it through Twitter.

After lots of tweet conversations and then jumping to email, Candace aka @candacearm and I made plans to meet for brunch at Estadio. It felt a lot like a blind date, particularly to Candace, I think, because I was the first Twitter person she chose to meet offline.

Yes, I feel special still.

Candace is embarking on a big life change and has shared the process via social media. Does she regret that? Keep reading.


“WHYYY COULDN’T I JUST KEEP THIS TO MYSELF?? Why did I have to blab about it to everyone? Do you know how embarrassing it’s going to be when I have to tell everyone I didn’t get in?”

Let’s rewind.  Hi, my name is Candace and I’m an oversharer. Not in the sense that you know my medical history within 5 minutes of meeting me. I’m more of an open book: I love to tweet, don’t mind leaving an occasional Facebook status, and have no qualms with divulging a salacious detail or two about myself to my friends (much to my manfriend’s chagrin).

The above extremely petty breakdown had to do with my decision to apply to graduate school. In turn, I had, of course, consulted with everyone that had applied to grad school, went to grad school or driven past a grad school during their daily commute.

After a Journalism degree, a Meeting Planning career and ZERO experience in Psychology, I’ve decided I wanted to be a therapist. Before you roll your eyes and accuse me of being a wandering soul, know that this is an idea that has been swimming around my mind for a couple of years. After months of considering a career change, I finally decided to act on it…in November….right before the December 1st deadline of most Psychology programs.

So I’ve made a stressful process even more difficult by only being able to apply to ONE school.  And my goodness, is it a process!

There is the application, the recommendation letters, the “Statement of Purpose,” (Seriously? What is that even asking??) the paying for the GRE, the studying for the GRE, the taking of the GRE (do you remember the formula for permutations? I didn’t think so.) all while still working full-time, trying not to live off of takeout and maintaining some sense of sanity and sex appeal for the aforementioned boyfriend.

Not to mention that after you’ve completed the rigorous process and proudly submitted your top-notch application that DEFINITELY shines above the rest, there’s still the very high chance of walking away with a red ‘REJECTED’ stamp on your forehead. It’s an extremely daunting cycle and now I understand why so many people don’t follow through with it.

There has been doubt. There has been frustration. There have been tears. But I keep reminding myself of one of my favorite quotes:

Every positive change–every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness–involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. I have never found an exception.


Change is uncomfortable. Change is hard. But change can be joyfully liberating. I have accepted that I may not get into graduate school this year, but dammit, I cannot accept doing nothing to create a happier life for myself.

Wish me luck.


Candace, I wish you nothing but luck and success! 

Update: Candace got into grad school.

2 thoughts on ““Did I overshare?” A guest post by @candacearm.

  1. Melinda Armstrong

    Beautiful Candace, so many of us suffer from the same disease. I guess it’s just the information age we live in…isn’t that wonderful? We think it and in an instant someone on the other side of the planet knows about it. Among your other wonderful attributes, you are an artist, a writer. Writers are compelled to be transparent, despite the fallout. It is risky. But it is far riskier to want something, or want to express something and stifle yourself, isn’t it? You are a bold liver of life. How fantastic! Much love and success to you!


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