I went to Las Vegas

But more importantly, I went to Qua, the incredible spa at Caesars Palace.

Years ago when Qua first opened, a colleague treated me to a hot stone massage there and I have been trying to make my way back ever since. It’s such a beautiful place.

Via ILoveLasVegasmagazine

This time I sprang for a massage and my first-ever facial. Go ahead and make your That’s What She Said jokes now.

I arrived early to change out of street clothes and enjoy Qua’s gorgeous pools, tubs, ice room, inhalation room and sauna. All are included in the price of spa services.┬áThe spa is clothing optional throughout so there are separate spas for both genders.

My massage therapist was named Brandon and he* was terrific. Perfect pressure. Quiet. Did not attempt me to engage in any conversation beyond confirming my comfort. I left the treatment room feeling so relaxed and wonderful.

I was a little nervous about getting a facial. What would I do if my sensitive skin freaked out and I had to go through the rest of my business trip looking like Samantha?

Via Elle.com

I told my aesthetician (named Serenity, of course) about my concerns. Whether she altered her approach or if my worries were simply unfounded, I’ll never know. It was a positive experience and my skin looks and feels great.

I hated to leave Qua and will do everything I can to book a return visit next time I’m in Vegas.

*When I called to schedule, I got the usual question about whether or not I minded having a man give me my massage. I did not.

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