Five things I would do if I owned a hotel

I travel a lot, particularly on business, so I spend a good amount of time in hotels. This year-to-date, I have spent approximately fifteen nights in hotels already.*

Here are five things I’d implement immediately if I ran a hotel.

1. Provide high quality hair dryers.

If you care about female business travelers, this is a must. I want to look good, but I don’t want to lug my Rusk Speed Freak in my suitcase, OK?

This evil little hair dryer pictured below is the worst-of-the-worst, but a Conair without heat control and a worn out motor doesn’t win a prize either.

evil little hair dryer

Hotels should treat quality hair dryers as an upsell opportunity like they do robes. If someone steals the hair dryer, add $250 to the bill. Easy.

2. Offer breakfast for room service 24/7. 

How hard is it to make pancakes and bacon in addition to mediocre club sandwiches, really?

3. Provide unscented toiletries.

Do most guests want to show up for meetings reeking of ginger-hibiscus-lemongrass lotion? I don’t. Also, itchy.

4. Make the loyalty program truly rewarding.

I recently stayed at the Omni Houston for four nights. Upon arrival, my room was ready and I had been pre-checked in. Not only that, they had noted that during a previous stay at the Omni Dallas Galleria, I had requested foam pillows and from that, extrapolated that I’d appreciate one of the hotel’s hypoallergenic rooms. I totally did.

The loyalty program also gave me free wifi for the whole stay and a free beverage of my choice delivered to my room each morning. With my coffee, I also added a croissant for just $1.75 instead of a ridiculous room service-y upcharge.

Andaz, part of the Hyatt family, offers similarly pleasing rewards. Everything in-room except alcohol is free. That means guests don’t pay extra for wifi, snacks or bottled water. Is it rolled into the price of the room? Yeah, probably, but it’s a few things I don’t have to think about when I get back to the office and do my expense report.

5. Skip the newspaper.

I don’t read USA Today and that’s the default for a lot of hotels. And who has time to read a newspaper these days? I get my news via iPad–no annoying ink on my fingers and I read just the stories that are relevant to me. Sorry, traditionalists.

* I’m writing this on February 23, 2013.

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4 thoughts on “Five things I would do if I owned a hotel

  1. Lance

    we’re staying in one friday night. coke machines are worthless to me. But a booze machine in the hallway…now youre talking.


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