I went to see Milo Greene

I had the good fortune of seeing Milo Greene at Williamsburg Hall of Music Saturday with @MegUrbani, @bringonthefunn and @shauna_LT.

Milo Greene sm 20130309_214150

Milo Greene opened for Stars and the show was sold out but I’ll confess: we were only there for MG and left to drink at The Abbey before Stars took the stage.

Here’s an excerpt from “Take a Step.”

What a great show! Like Meg said, the band sounded even better live than on their eponymous debut release.

“Autumn Tree” is one of my favorite MG songs.

After the show, we realized that two members of the band, including Marlana Sheetz, the lone woman of the group, were working the merch table. It made me buy a shirt, obviously. I wanted to ask what touring with all guys was like for Marlana but she seemed tired, understandably.

Maybe next tour.

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