Pink is my color 2.0

I still love pink. Even more than I did when I posted this a few months ago.

Maybe I’ll have a pink couch someday.

Lauren Conrad’s clothing line has new hot pink jeans (probably inspired by the ones she wore and Possessionista identified here last year!).


Wendy Brandes has this gorgeous Venus ring.

Venus Wendy Brandes

When I was in Las Vegas, I saw this amazing dress in Versace.


Check out this vintage phone!

Via @etsy_ohiopicker

Via @etsy_ohiopicker

This is my new baby.

Gucci bag

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3 thoughts on “Pink is my color 2.0

  1. Charity

    Never to old to have favorite color. I used to be pink. My bedroom at 15 was painted pure pink. For last ten years or so I’m all about shades of orange. Constantly looking for perfect orange purse.

  2. Katie

    I never used to like pink. Growing up I would say I hated it. So I find it really strange that over the last few year pink has become MY color. I think when you have a job that can be sometimes yucky, you must insert some fun pink. It makes all the difference! And now? It’s my favorite!

    Maggie, in Funny Face, says it best:
    “Red is dead, blue is through,
    Green’s obscene, brown’s taboo.
    And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce
    —or chartreuse.
    Think pink!”


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