Is this OK?

My mother told me it’s OK to refresh your lipstick in public.

subway makeup

But no more than that. Everything else – mascara, concealer, eyeliner – should be saved for the restroom.

subway makeup 2

I winced each time the subway jostled this lady while she had pointy things by her eyes.

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6 thoughts on “Is this OK?

  1. Katie

    That kind of multitasking must require special talent. My mommy taught me the same as yours, but I always assumed it was because I’d make a mess of things if I tried to put on eyeliner while driving.

  2. Steffanie Housman (@sfeuer)

    In DC, I would catch the same train every morning. Every morning would be the same woman and she would ALWAYS be putting on her makeup. Foundation, eyeliner, lipliner, mascara, highlighters, everything. She would be using pencils too. I was just waiting for her to poke her eye out. Get up a few minutes earlier and put it on at home.


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