Proof Kerry Washington can act

You know Kerry is my girl crush.

Before Scandal and Django Unchained (which I still haven’t seen), there was Save the Last Dance. Yep, Kerry was teen mom Chenille.

I can’t lie: that movie is one of my guilty pleasures. I know there’s a lot wrong with it but when I see it in my cable listings, I watch it every time. Also, O.

This talented actress has really had to scrap to get where she is. I love that she’s getting more attention now. She has earned it.

Somewhat related: check out this Vulture slideshow of Olivia Pope’s wardrobe. H/t to @cajunjen for sending me the link.

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1 thought on “Proof Kerry Washington can act

  1. Katie

    Guilty pleasure movies are the best, especially when they are really terrible and you can’t tell your friends that you actually watch them every time they come on. I could use one of mine right now…maybe one will come up this weekend! 🙂


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