Candace came to visit

Having house guests in cities like New York can be challenging. I don’t have a guest room, and on weekends, I’m the laziest person alive.

But there are some friends I’m always happy to have visit. Candace is one of them. We had a lovely catch-up weekend and celebrated her acceptance to graduate school.

We ate bacon doughnuts – and lots of other things – at Traif.


We had brunch at Cafe Colette. There we saw a mature (in age, not actions) couple make-out. The female half was wearing thigh-highs. Another woman wore a Bart Simpson sweater. Oh, Brooklyn!

We hung out in a thrift shop where we giggled about merkins and Days of Our Lives, and I contemplated the fortune I could have made should I have stuck with ceramics. [not really]

We toured the Brooklyn Brewery which has been on my To Do List. More on that later.

BK Brewery

When that was over, we got our nails done. Believe it or not, Candace is contemplating five different shades of red here.

Candace nails

On the way back to my apartment to chill out before dinner at Sweetwater, we stopped at Shag. I wonder why Candace wouldn’t pose with these.

Candy tassels 

Come back soon, my friend! 

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