“Isn’t it terrible about Chechnya?”

In awkward moments, I have been known to quote Bridget Jones.

“Isn’t it terrible about Chechnya?” I’d say when no other words felt right and a silence needed to be filled.

The response would either be laughter because the people around me got the reference or a double-take.

“Isn’t she clever about world affairs?”

[OK that’s how I chose to interpret the looks. WHATEVER.]

When I met Renee Zellweger at SoHo House in LA a few years ago, I actually told her about my habit. She laughed pretty hard, seemingly with sincerity.

Anyway…I guess I have to put this saying on hold for awhile.

If you haven’t seen this clip, click here:

Bridget Jones’ Diary

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4 thoughts on ““Isn’t it terrible about Chechnya?”

  1. Katie

    Interesting. I have the same habit, and recently when some intelligent person said Chechnya, I busted out with, “Chech-n-YA!” Yup. I looked pretty foolish. “Yours aren’t bad, either” kind of foolish.

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