How often do you wash your hair?

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Connie Britton said she only washes her hair about once a week.


I was shocked.

My skin and hair tend to be dry and yet I still wash my hair three to four times per week–more frequently if I go to the gym.

Unless I get a professional blowout, Day 1 tends to be my best hair day.

Day 2 requires decisions: do I go over it with a flat iron? Do I dampen my hair and wear it wavy, making the most of whatever happened during wild sleeping? Do re-blowdry the hair around my face?

Sometimes it’s just easier to wash and start over!

This week I made a conscious effort to see how long I could go without shampooing and conditioning my hair, washing it Tuesday morning. By Thursday, I was brushing my hair approximately hourly. I wanted so badly to hop in a shower and scrub my scalp and hair.

And truly, my hair looked like crap. By noon, it was in a sloppy ponytail.

How often do you wash your hair?

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5 thoughts on “How often do you wash your hair?

  1. mollytopia

    This is hilarious. I love that you made a study of it – awesome! I wash my hair almost every day. However, when I hiked the Darien gap (the only time in my LIFE I didn’t have access to shampoo), my hair did not get oily until day 8. This is because I have no oil in my person whatsoever in spite of elaborate efforts on my part. It was great in high school when I had no blemishes, but I’ll look 107 on my 52nd birthday, assuming I don’t crumble into a heap of carbon dust before then…

  2. Sarah

    I have to wash mine every other day. I have a lot of long hair, but it’s super-fine and no matter what I do if I go longer than that, it starts to look limp and kind of scraggly. When I lived in New Mexico, it would get grossly dry, though, and I only washed it twice a week.

  3. Sherri

    3 days is max for me. Baby powder in the hair works wonders for day 2 hair. But after 3 it just looks unkept and well, dirty. Lol!

  4. Deborah Ilene

    I’ve tried to go 3 days. I have. I’ve gotten my hair Keratin treated a number of times and not been able to wash it (or put it up or touch it at ALL) for 3 days which is absolute torture for me. The best I can do is 2 full days. I may try this baby powder thing though…maybe get a solid 4 out of one wash. The problem arises when it comes to running…because then I feel I HAVE to wash it… Any updates since you originally posted this?


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