Ode to Jordan Catalano or my ongoing longing for a My So-Called Life reunion

It ended too soon. I have never heard anyone say otherwise about My So-Called Life.

But by only lasting one perfect season – just nineteen awesome episodes – MSCL* never overstayed its welcome. It left fans wanting more, and also with so many questions.

Among them:

Did Jordan become Angela’s boyfriend? If so, how confusing was the sex, how quickly did she outgrow him and how long did it take her to act on that?

When did Rayanne make her first trip to rehab?

Did Brian Krakow marry Angela’s little sister Danielle or Sharon, and did he do so before or after becoming a tech billionaire?

Did Angela’s dad ditch her mom for Hallie Lowenthal?

Did Tino ever show up? He owns a mega-club in Vegas now, right?

Is Rickie happy, wherever he is? I hope so.

Is this picture Claire and Jared as @nymag portrayed or really Angela and Jordan?

Via NYMag.com

My So-Called Life is actually how I first learned about fan fiction.


At Pies & Thighs for brunch with @mfeige recently, we talked about how Claire Danes as Angela was great practice for her Carrie cry face on Homeland. The conversation turned to Rickie Vasquez aka Wilson Cruz and when I got home, I was sure to look him up to see what he’s doing.

The answer is disappointing. Unfortunately a lot of MSCL alumni haven’t found consistent work. Mary Kay Place is a notable exception and of course, Jeff Perry (aka Mr. Katimski) is Cyrus on Scandal.

There is, however, a television festival in Austin coming up that will have a My So-Called Life panel moderated by the lovely Robyn Ross. Wilson Cruz is participating. Who wants to meet me there?

Maybe Netflix could commission a reunion Arrested Development-style? I’ll initiate a Kickstarter. Tomorrow.

*Haven’t seen MSCL? You can watch each episode on Hulu. Please do it so that I have more people with whom to discuss it.

6 thoughts on “Ode to Jordan Catalano or my ongoing longing for a My So-Called Life reunion

  1. Charity

    Rayanne married Brian, she’s clean and sober, but still a little wild, living it up in Tino’s club while Brian keeps her is stilettos and furs.

  2. Charity

    Rickie is the most stable of the bunch, happily married with kids, Angela comes over once a week for dinner lamenting her man troubles.

  3. about100percent

    Thanks for the MSCL reminder; I’d love to revisit my long-lost teen angst. This show was so short-lived it seems to only exist in my dreams. The good ones.


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