Going naked for professional reasons

According to Business Insider, the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh has a history of featuring its staff in marketing material completely nude.

I confess: I cynically thought the nude employee photos would consist of one male boss, and twenty or thirty stunningly beautiful women. Mea Culpa.

While Business Insider initially ran the original images – which is to say fully nude S&W employees – they switched to blurred photos like the one below after receiving complaints. The firm’s web site made no such compromise.

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

Property of Sagmeister & Walsh / Mario de Armas

While I was not offended, I also won’t be applying for a job there. I liked the photos quite a lot once my [silly] shock wore off.

Would you work there? Could you?

More backstory here.

8 thoughts on “Going naked for professional reasons

  1. mollytopia

    Omf. No. I could not, would not, be naked at work.

    For any reason. But I kind of respect their willingness to literally let it all hang out.

    Personally, I’ll stick with jeans and a tee, thanks.

    Great post. I love crazy naked people.


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