There are few phrases I hate more than…

Push present.

If I ever found myself pregnant (and a dude were actually involved), I’d make it oh-so-clear from the point of conception that those words are never to be uttered around me or even about me.

Gifts to commemorate the momentous occasion are fine. I’ll take this. Just don’t ever, ever say push present.

P.S. I hope this cake was a joke.

8 thoughts on “There are few phrases I hate more than…

  1. about100percent

    I am with you. Whoever thought of a push present (and naming it that) is stupid. I had to Google this, and now I’m almost as disgusted by that phrase as you are. Along with calling women “baby girl,” the phrase “moving forward,” the term “low hanging fruit,” and “legit” to mean legitimate.

  2. Steffanie

    OMG THAT CAKE. (It deserved caps.)

    But the gift to commemorate a glorious occasion, now that is what I call heaven. Though, I prefer the Aston Martin Vanquish personally. If there is any growing of another human happening, there had better be some kind of present after 9 months when we could have adopted.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      I have no objections to presents for all occasions. It’s the term and how common it has become. BLECH.

      That said, I have so many phrases and words that I hate that if I ruled the world, the banned list would be…significant.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Elena

    Oh yes – great post! I can remember the first time I heard it. I made the mother to be repeat it twice and when it was explained, oh for a camera shot of my look of horror. It may be up there with “we’re pregnant”.


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