Should I stay or should I go?

The early days of this blog featured a few posts about my epic apartment hunt in 2011. After all of that, would you believe that I have thought about moving? I considered it.


I love my apartment with a few small exceptions:

  • The price. I pay more in rent than I do for my DC condo’s mortgage and condo fees combined. This is the only real reason I have considered moving.
  • Not much kitchen counter space–it’s all along one wall instead of enclosed (see above). I wish I had an island.
  • The windows are the kind that seem to be en vogue now: no screens; they are either open or shut, nothing in between. When the windows are closed, they are almost completely soundproof which matters in a city like NYC. But I like fresh air too.
  • No washer/dryer. There’s a laundry room on the ground floor, though.

On the flip side, I really do have a terrific apartment. Just enough space, lots of sunlight and great closets. My landlords live in the building with their baby boy and are lovely people. I also have neighbors I know and like. That was not my experience during the ten years I lived in Washington, DC.

The super is incredibly nice and takes care of whatever I need. Once I had him pop in to fix the tub drain while I was at work and I came home to find that not only did he do so, he also assembled a large floor lamp I had lying on the living room floor.

Finally, while Williamsburg is a hipster petting zoo of sorts, I do love the neighborhood with its great restaurants, bars and other amusements like Smorgasburg.

Because of the price, though, I am always looking at apartment listings. This place I considered for $2650 in 2011 now goes for $2895-3185 depending on floor. Prices at this Kips Bay building have held more or less steady, but I didn’t like the place then so it’s safe to assume I wouldn’t now.

Plus, packing and moving. Ugh. I just don’t wanna.

I’m staying put. I think.

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