Dad is in the hospital.

In Philly two hours from home.

So Mom and I are also in Philly. In violation of all privacy laws, I will tell you that Dad is getting a pacemaker.

Honestly, I’m more anxious about my impending apartment search and move (note: I am not staying put after all thanks to a big rent hike) than Dad’s procedure. At first glance, you’ll probably think I’m a self-involved ass for that.

But I swear: apartment hunting in NYC is generally more stressful than getting a pacemaker. Weird, right?

I’m approaching Dad’s procedure as a great thing actually. The doctor thinks he’ll feel like a new man once the pacemaker is in. Fingers crossed.

I hope to return to NYC Tuesday. And to blogging soon after that.


Update: Dad’s procedure went great.

9 thoughts on “Philly

  1. mollytopia

    My sister’s pacemaker changed her life. No joke. They’re modern miracles, and I hope your dad will have the same experience. You’re all in my thoughts : ) Good luck on the apartment search. Finding housing sucks on so many levels. I feel for you on that lady. Hard.

  2. Lauren/PRBlonde

    Hi Lady! Hope your Dad is doing well! He’s now a bionic man! We used to tell my grandmother that after she got her pace maker put in. She had a heart-attack in her 70’s, pace maker was put in and the woman lived to 96!

    Hope all is well!




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