What’s your favorite tweet that went largely unnoticed?

It’s hard to guess what makes people react to your tweets. What makes them mark it as a favorite or retweet or reply “that’s funny.”

For example, I thought this was amusing.

Bach tweet 2

But some of you liked this one a lot better.

bach tweet

I still don’t get it. But I’m glad you tolerate me, particularly on Bachelorette nights.

10 thoughts on “What’s your favorite tweet that went largely unnoticed?

  1. Montaignejns

    “TV scroll:”Flood Warning! Be prepared to move to higher ground” WTF? This is Florida. We have sea level & sea. WE HAVE NO HIGHER GROUND!”

    Technically, this got 5 RT’s. So it wasn’t unnoticed, but I’ve had after thought get more than that. This is funny & true, it deserved better.

  2. kim windyka (@kimlw)

    also fascinated by this. for example, my tweet about the brooks/desiree break-up being “the worst young & the restless audition ever” got a bunch of RTs/favorites. but the huffington post picked one with only one RT as one of the “best bachelorette tweets” of the night! so weird. and subjective!

  3. montaignejns

    @1chicklette My guess, too much sex. I find nothing saps ambition like getting laid on the regular….You’re welcome!

      1. montaignejns

        Yes, I couldn’t not.
        I thought the tweet was clever, but then hours later I was jogging and thought “Hey, she never responded to my clever tweet.” Then I remembered this article, and as you said, I had to.
        I’m actually quite proud I put this together.

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