How was your Labor Day Weekend?

Whether you got out of town or stay put, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I was among those who didn’t leave home for the holiday weekend. At first, I regretted not finding a beach or pool to enjoy, but now I think a chill three-day weekend in Brooklyn was just what I needed.


I went into Manhattan just twice.

On Saturday, I went to The Dead Rabbit downtown in the Financial District. The gastropub’s website says that the upstairs Parlour, where my friend and I hung out, offers 72 historically accurate cocktails dreamed up by the nineteenth century’s most celebrated bartenders.

The 72 number is not an exaggeration–upon arrival, we were presented with a bound book full of drink choices in addition to daily specials. Around 8, a ragtime pianist started playing. What a fun place!

On Sunday, my mother, father, aunt and uncle visited for the day. Dad is doing much, much better I’m glad to report. We had a delicious lunch at our Little Italy spot, Pellegrino’s.


I turned down both baseball and tennis tickets–NYC was too humid and I was too lazy. But mostly I was just too lazy.

Watched ten or eleven episodes of Breaking Bad from the beginning. Yes, it’s incredible. Yes, I’m late to the party.

Tried to finish this godawful book. Truly I hate it so much that I should just quit reading but I only have about 75 pages to go.

Reflected on my move back to NYC from DC two years ago. I’m still so happy about it!

How did you spend your weekend?

2 thoughts on “How was your Labor Day Weekend?

  1. about100percent

    That book is on my long to-read list. Should I cross it off, then?

    The ragtime place sounds terrific. Glad that your dad is doing better.


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