Twitter Spotlight: Alison McQuade

DC people are great tweeters which is why I feature so many of them in the Twitter Spotlight.

Here’s Alison McQuade aka @akmcquade.


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@akmcquade: makes me laugh; challenges me; has equal interest in traveling and experiencing new things as he does in staying at home with a bottle of wine and a Scrabble board; patience; honesty

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@akmcquade: vivacious, or so say my friends

OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@akmcquade: honesty, loyalty, showing up

OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@akmcquade: the beach – any time of year

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@akmcquade: No wifi

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character

@akmcquade: Liz Lemon

OneChicklette: Your favorite thing to eat, and also to drink

@akmcquade: my mother’s homemade applesauce; good Champagne

OneChicklette: Five tangible things you can’t live without

@akmcquade: an ipod full of live U2 songs, smart phone, a kakuro book, Red Sox baseball on the radio, slippers

OneChicklette: What’s the number one item on your bucket list? (question via @SaraLang)

@akmcquade: visit Cuba

@OneChicklette: Who do you know via social media that you’re dying to meet in real life?  (this question came via @tammy)

@akmcquade: Somehow @rachelsklar and I haven’t actually met in real life. That has to be remedied.

My pal, Kevin, @redsoxredshoes, and I have been friends for years but never crossed paths.

Whoever the hilarious person behind @Cosmopolitan is and the @LateNightJimmy blog team – they keep me laughing all day.

@OneChicklette: What is your most under appreciated tweet? (this question came via @MikeKelton)

@akmcquade: Oh, there are a lot of times I think I’m funny and wish the tweet got more traction

OneChicklette: A question I should ask the next participant

@akmcquade: Where would you like to travel that you’ve never been? And where is the best place you’ve been that you’d send someone else?

OneChicklette: Random shout out

@akmcquade: @saralang, obviously

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