You can keep your low-rise jeans and your jeggings

Clearly Gap doesn’t read my blog. If they did, they’d know how I feel about jeggings. At my age and all.

I don’t wear jeggings. I have tried them on and felt like an anatomical model.

Specifically “yes, here are my thighs. Some people love them. Others see the resemblance to hams.”

I used to spend buckets of money on designer denim. I had my AGs, my Citizens, my Sevens. They were all low rise and in sizes smaller than I wear right now.

Angst-ridden relationships with men and jobs where your boss used fear as a management style* will make a young woman very skinny.

When my parents visited recently (yes, they even came to Brooklyn), I gave them bags of clothing I no longer wanted including most of my fancy jeans to consign or sell elsewhere. Even if I get that skinny again – come hither, would-be bad boyfriends – I can’t picture myself wanting low rise jeans ever again. I’ll be lucky to get $100 for five or six pairs. Total.

Try to block out the sound of my weeping.

Try harder.

My question is for female readers over the age of 30: where do you buy jeans? What styles do you like/not like?

Please don’t say Chico’s. I’m not that old.

As I type this, I am wearing a pair of too-big Gap boyfriend jeans. They’re so comfortable but not at all figure flattering. I feel hobo-like each time I hike them up.

I also have Gap’s Always Skinny jeans which fit, but area about two inches lower in the rise than ideal. I’m willing to spend a little more than I do presently, but I’d like to put the days of $200+ jeans behind me.

*His exact words were “I use fear as a management style.” Yep, he said that.

10 thoughts on “You can keep your low-rise jeans and your jeggings

  1. mollytopia

    Yea no. No jeggings or leggings for me either. Gilt is a great place to get premium denim on super sale. Also, ready? Mossimo jeans at Target. Granted they were purchased bc I couldn’t be bothered to drive home and get a change of clothes, but still. They’re cute, and cheap. I also just bought my first pair of J Crew jeans last week (because they’re 115 instead of 215), but I still love J Brand, Earl Jean, and Citizens. I just don’t buy them unless they’re on Gilt : )

  2. PinotNinja

    Get 7s in the Dojo cut, which is sort of like a wide-legged trouser. I’ve been rocking them in various washes for years and they are always super flattering and I appreciate that I am in size smaller in them than in any other jeans (bring it on vanity sizing). I’ve been able to find them for $99 on Gilt, Rue La La and Nordstrom Rack.

    I’m still on the hunt for a good skinny jean. My one pair is 7s, also courtesy of my friends at Rue, and they are okay, but are kind of baggy around my ass and knees and definitely slide down a little too low when I sit. Keep me posted on if you find a good pair!

  3. Ticktock6 (@ticktock6)

    I am still wearing the Citizens Avedon skinnies (which are low), but all my colored denim (LOL “all my colored denim”– it’s a trend so I don’t spend $$$ on it) are J Crew. The Factory ones feel like a higher rise to me although I am not sure actual facts back this up. I have a pair of Madewell straight legs that are midrise that I like.

  4. about100percent

    I got my last two pairs of skinny jeans at Old Navy, after I realized that I wore my last pair of Old Navy jeans for 8 years. They have all different styles. I bought a pair of Sweethearts because they were extra long and had a higher rise, thinking that they would be my faves, but I also got a pair of Divas which had a mid rise and not as long, and they became my go-to jeans.

    And I am slender and not young at all, unless you’re 70.


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