29 Things That Enrage New Yorkers

This post made me say growl YESSSSS.

For example, #12.

L trainIt’s not just the waiting. It’s the heat (often) and the lack of cell service or wifi (always). The lack of available seating (sometimes) and the not-afraid of humans rats, particularly at First Avenue (far too often).

I would add:

24. Subway escalators that are broken more often than functioning. Especially at Grand Central. You’re walking up to them thinking “why so slow, people?” only to get to the escalator and realize it’s not moving and you just have shiny, uneven steps instead.

25. Subway elevators that, when they exist, always smell bad and register temps in the 90-100 degree range.

26. Subway stations without escalators OR elevators such as Bedford’s L station. That way I feel like a jerk for not helping someone traveling solo with a baby stroller. But do you remember how clumsy I am?

27. Apartments with nasty kitchens including those old timey stoves/ovens.

28. Restaurant menus littering my apartment building hallways.

29. That hour or so each afternoon when there are no taxis, anywhere. (Uber was made for this)

New Yorkers, what drives you mad about our mostly-awesome city?

5 thoughts on “29 Things That Enrage New Yorkers

  1. PinotNinja

    To this, I will add the F train after midnight. Why even pretend its running when it NEVER shows up? Just stop lying to me NYC and admit that it only runs once an hour late night.

  2. Katie

    I cannot comment, as I’ve never experienced these things you speak of. However, I will say…you have to wait over an hour for a stinky train you have to stand up in with rats?!?! That’s messed up.

  3. mollytopia

    That’s why I took cabs the whole time I was there except for that one ride with Meg : ) And we saw a rat, which is fine with me bc I love all rodents : ) But generally, I’m a brat about transportation. Sigh.


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