“My new cell phone has text paging”

Excerpt from the end of an email I sent to three of my college friends on February 5, 1999:

My new cell phone has text paging.

If, for some reason, you ever find yourself needing to reach me so desperately (ha, ha!), you can send messages to me at http://www.attws.com/general/msg_center/index.html.

I think I’m a little too connected!



Had I been able to look into the future to see Twitter, my little mind would have been blown.

3 thoughts on ““My new cell phone has text paging”

  1. about100percent

    That is hilarious. The (ha, ha) part especially – these days everyone is trying to reach everyone else desperately. Just two years before your email, I admitted to a classroom of recent college grads that I wasn’t sure exactly what email was.

  2. PinotNinja

    A phone that eliminates your need for a beeper?! What is that madness?

    Oh how I miss the ’90s. We were such innocent little kids with out AIM instant messenger and dial-up internet.


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