Confession: I hate texting

It took a recent NY Times article to force me to admit something. Two things actually.

First, texting is annoying. Like really annoying. I hate it.

This leads into the second thing which is that I’m officially old and Can’t Relate.

An excerpt:

“E-mail has never really been a fun thing to use,” said Ms. Judge, 19. “It’s always like, ‘This is something you have to do.’ School is a boring thing. E-mail is a boring thing. It goes together.”

That is a lie. Email has always been fun to use such as when, at age 23, I thought it was fine to email my college friends about my dating exploits using my work email address.

Incidentally, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m probably older than you. Be grateful.

Proof that I’m old: birthday pic taken with Polaroid camera sans irony.

8 thoughts on “Confession: I hate texting

  1. So-Next-Level Fly. (@DiosaNY09)

    I admit I’m a huge “texter” but only because I’m always on the phone at work that I have lost the love I used to have for talking on the phone. At risk of sounding like a commercial, “Now I use Voxer, where I can “talk” to my friends without talking on the phone.”

  2. about100percent

    I hate texting and ignore those who text me in lieu of calling. If you love me and it’s important, you’re gonna speak out loud.


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