I want a new (d)rug

Apologies to Huey Lewis.

As part of my ongoing effort to make a house an apartment a home, I bought a new rug (no drugs) via Joss & Main.

The rug I presently have in my bedroom used to be my living room rug in DC. It’s looking shabby. No amount of Resolve and vacuuming can make it look OK now.


My new rug is much brighter. Here is a picture of it in a room that is not mine.

Presently my new rug still looks like this.


In my defense, I have been sick. And also I am lazy. You are welcome to come over to help me get ride of the old and install the new.

In case you like this rug or other rugs in the collection, Overstock carries Safavieh. Their price for the 5’x8′ rug is approximately $10 more than I paid, however Overstock gives free shipping for orders greater than $50 so it works out to be the same price.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I just like a good deal.

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