Marathon weekend in NYC

“Take a hot shower. You’ll feel better,” Mom said on my fifth or sixth day of being sick.

“I wish you were here to put fresh sheets on the bed while I shower.” I responded, practically punctuating my words with a :-(.


When I was sick as a kid – and that was often – Mom and I followed that little routine and it usually made me feel better by half. But as an adult, I’m on my own. Sure I have friends I can call on, but the more personal touches are handled by me, or not at all.

*     *     *

By Friday I felt much more like myself and on Saturday I got to hug my mom in person. She was in NYC for the day with forty or so ladies from my hometown. I joined the group for lunch before they went on to see Rock of Ages.

I took a cab to Midtown, setting foot in Manhattan for the first time in eight days. Briefly, I felt like a tourist! It was great to look around after seeing only the inside of my apartment.

After lunch, I returned to Brooklyn to check out Twelve Years a Slave (interesting perspective here) with Meg. We got a post-movie snack and at one point, the bartender played his DVD of The Outsiders, making me realize that I need to own that wonderful movie.


I had my first glass of wine in a long time and surprised myself by ordering red. Pinot Noir specifically. My sense of taste is still all out of whack but I loved this wine.

Finally on Sunday, I had brunch with this guy (his mom too) before watching a bit of the NYC Marathon. I didn’t get to see Tina during her run, but she rocked her first 26.2 miles. Congratulations!

What was the best part of your weekend?

1 thought on “Marathon weekend in NYC

  1. mollytopia

    Hooray you’re on your feet again! Clean sheets make a huge difference. I wish I was closer so I could have barged in with flowers and fresh sheets : ) Stay well lady!


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