I went to Long Beach

Long Beach is just 25 miles from where I live in Brooklyn.

And yet last weekend was my first visit. I had a work event to attend Sunday so after weighing my options (LIRR, Uber, taxi, car service, helicopter – just kidding!), I rented a car. My little blue Fiat was terrific!


After the event ended, I drove toward the ocean. I do that every chance I get. Isn’t the beach pretty?


I imagine Long Beach gets much more crowded in the summer. The boardwalk is all new post-Sandy.


I’ll have to go next summer to find out myself.

LB What’s your favorite beach?

4 thoughts on “I went to Long Beach

  1. PinotNinja

    Go in the summer! It’s such a nice escape from the city and so much closer than trekking out to Robert Moses (which is nice but crowded) or all the way out to Main Beach in East Hampton (which is the nicest but snooty and crowded).


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