Do you watch Masters of Sex?

My favorite new show is Masters of Sex on Showtime. Great characters based on actual human sexuality researchers Masters and Johnson, but with terrific actors and compelling [fictional] plots that reflect the times in which M&J were doing their groundbreaking studies.

Lizzy Caplan via

In case you haven’t checked out this great show, here’s the trailer.

Nicholas D’Agosto, the actor who plays Dr. Ethan Haas, gave a fun interview to People Magazine’s Emily Strohm. As I posted previously, I’m so curious how actors handle things like nude scenes when it’s time for their families to view the film or tv show.

Emily asked Nicholas “what’s it like being on a racy show?” His answer:

I don’t feel like it’s as pornographic as this sort of thing could be. My family was bracing for the worst, but they love it. I got an email from them saying, “Congrats. It’s superawkward for all of us, but we’re proud of you.”

That sounds about right.

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