A Weekend Full of Tickets

You know how I love to nap on weekends. And blog. And go to restaurants. And nap some more.

This past weekend, I really didn’t do much of those things. I thought I’d be cranky about the change to my comfy routine, but instead I really enjoyed myself.

On Saturday, I had brunch with my buddy Walt from Bowery Collective at The Wren. We talked about Whiskey Washback.

Then my friend Melissa and I saw Kanye West at Madison Square Garden. It was my second time seeing the Yeezus tour. More on that soon.


On Sunday, I headed to New Jersey to meet up with my mother at the Giants game. It was so good to see her. Now that I’m home, I wish I could have just hitched a ride home to Pennsylvania with her for an early start to Thanksgiving.


I also had tickets to Sleigh Bells at Terminal 5. Sadly my flight back from Boston was canceled and I wasn’t able to get back in time. I blogged about a Sleigh Bells show here.

Don’t worry: I’ll get back to my napping come Thanksgiving.

How was your weekend? 

3 thoughts on “A Weekend Full of Tickets

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