How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

I went to my hometown for a few days. There was more snow there than in NYC but not a lot.


My parents and I got along great. Well, so long as we didn’t talk politics or religion.

There was an incident with some make-up in my childhood bedroom. I don’t want to talk about it.


I ate pizza. Here’s a shot of Rinaldi’s double-crust white pizza.

On Saturday, I returned to NYC in time to catch up with my visiting friend Erin and see our alma mater play hockey at Madison Square Garden (and lose unfortunately). Fun seeing friends though!


We had brunch at Feast on Sunday with another Cornell friend.

Feast Collage

Hope you had lots of good food and fun this Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

  1. PinotNinja

    BACK UP THE TRAIN! We went to the same college?! Of course we did, because everything awesome comes from Cornell and I should have know that, but I am still even more excited about that revelation than I am about your pancake photo, which is saying a lot because those things look amazing especially when compared to the less-than-amazing breakfast of room temperature black coffee and a luna bar that I am currently suffering through at my desk.


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