“Why so quiet, Chicklette?”

It was quiet around here last week on the blog. Hopefully your reaction was “where is she?” and not “oh, thank goodness!”

In recent weeks I have been away more than home. 


I have seen my dear mother four separate times since November 24 which is nice except for the fact that she resents every single moment I spend at my computer or on my phone in her presence.

Thus my relative blog silence. Here are a few highlights from last week.

I met Millsy! We had a fun dinner while I was in LA.

Lunch at Blush in Santa Barbara. The traffic violation I got afterward was a lowlight. Fortunately my lemonade was strictly lemonade.


Dinner at Lucky’s in Montecito. What a scene!


Beer and bacon caramel popcorn at Next Door by Josie. Wow!


A walk around the Getty Villa in Malibu.

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on ““Why so quiet, Chicklette?”

  1. Carolyn Kirk

    I agree. Having a daughter in LA gives us an excuse to visit often- my husband isn’t a big fan of the area but I love it – Malibu hikes through the canyons, Santa Barbara eating, Venice drinking and ogling! But not sure whether LA, like New Orleans, isn’t best enjoyed (by me anyway) in small doses. I love your blog posts.


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