“Unhung Hero”

It started with a tweet from my friend Molly.

Wait. What?

I read the tweet again. Then I checked my TV listings. Sure enough, I found Unhung Hero. And I watched it.

Here’s the trailer.

Let’s back up a bit. According to Patrick Moote, the film’s protagonist, it all started here with a failed proposal of marriage at a UCLA basketball game, one that was widely seen thanks to America’s love of others’ embarrassment.

Our unhung hero goes on to say that his size – or lack thereof – was cited as a major reason why she didn’t want to marry him.

I will confess that this strikes me as odd. She dated him seriously enough to think he should propose but he wasn’t aware of her hesitation…? The video also seems staged but that’s just my opinion.


Unhung Hero works because Patrick Moote is charming, attractive and just neurotic enough to come off cute anyway. He is willing to bare his soul if not his body–we never do see his unhung-ness.

Via IMDB and Patrick Moote

I wonder, though, if this would have been better marketed as a film versus a documentary. Patrick is, after all, an actor. Is Unhung Hero real or is it a shot at getting his name out there more for future work? As a viewer, I worried about being conned and couldn’t quite buy into the premise as truth, but still found the finished product highly entertaining.

Unhung Hero is available on Showtime including OnDemand. Follow @PatrickMoote on Twitter.

7 thoughts on ““Unhung Hero”

  1. Aussa Lorens

    Haha wooooow. I’m tempted to watch this just for that scene in the Korean Bath where the dude starts freaking out (and rightfully so) about being filmed. I started laughing out loud just in the trailer. Definitely feels a bit Kardashian to me, though… like it’s all fabricated for a publicity stunt.


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