I [wished I] bought it: Kate Spade Etta coat

You know how people tell you to wait before making a purchase? How most of the time, if you don’t buy it, later you’ll be glad you didn’t spend the money.

I wish I felt that way about Kate Spade‘s Etta coat.

Etta by Kate Spade

They called the color ‘vivid snapdragon.’ Obviously I loved it.

But at $698, I couldn’t – or wouldn’t – justify it. I already have one Kate Spade coat and while I love it (madly), buying another felt…excessive.

I thought that eventually the price would come down and maybe then I would buy my hot pink Etta, but instead, the coat sold out seemingly everywhere except eBay.

Every once in a while, I’d google “Kate Spade Etta” and feel sad about the results.


But on December 30, there it was: available in a few sizes on KateSpade.com and for less than half the original price. I assume there were returns. No matter.

Etta would be mine!

As I always do before buying something online, I checked RetailMeNot to see if any promo codes might apply. Bingo! I got another 25% off ($82) making the total with tax and free shipping $268.

The downside? It’s final sale. I bought it anyway.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t work for me, you’ll hear it here first.


Update 1: I love-love-love this coat.

Update 2: The Etta has sold out. Here are some other cute pink coats, and another Kate Spade option.

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