Twitter Spotlight: Aussa Lorens

One of my recent favorites on Twitter is Aussa Lorens. Her blog is terrific – wild and entertaining. But also thought-provoking. Give this post a read for starters.


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@AussaLorens: Steadfastness, Humor, Compassion, and Ambition.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@AussaLorens: Wily

OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@AussaLorens: All but one of my closest friends live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.  I most appreciate the fact that despite the distance or passing of time I can always count on the fact that we will spontaneously break into “Defying Gravity” anytime we are together.


OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@AussaLorens: A room full of people sharing stories, possibly while eating Nutella.

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@AussaLorens: Every minute of my life that has ever been spent at the DMV or the Post Office.  

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character

@AussaLorens: Orual from “Till We Have Faces,” by C.S. Lewis—because I see all my worst parts reflected in her and yet she’s still redeamable.

OneChicklette: Your favorite thing to eat, and also to drink

@AussaLorens: Nutella & Stella Artois

Click for source

Click for source

OneChicklette: Five tangible things you can’t live without

@AussaLorens: Zola (the dog), Alex (The Boyfriend), My Passport, Books (all of them—is that cheating? I’m bad at math) and Netflix

@OneChicklette: Who do you know via social media that you’re dying to meet in real life? (this amazing question came via @tammy)

@AussaLorens: The Bloggess, of course!

OneChicklette: A question I should ask future participants

@AussaLorens: “What would you choose as your super power?”—I’d teleport. In which case I’d no longer need “My Passport” for question #8 and would replace that answer with “Nutella.”

OneChicklette: I see a trend here…

OneChicklette: Random shout out 

@AussaLorens: I’d like to give a shoutout to all the people who still read my blog, against their better judgment.  They empathize with my bottom-sheet-struggles, call my ex-boyfriend mean names and share the most absurd and heartwarming stories.  We laugh, we cry, we win at the internet.

Update: Aussa and Boyfran got engaged. Go wish the happy couple well!

271 thoughts on “Twitter Spotlight: Aussa Lorens

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  2. bornsirius

    If you’re truly wily and break out in Defying Gravity at every chance you can… you can come join me and my BFF anytime for a random roadtrip… with nutella, of course.
    We already love you anyway and text about you when you put up a new post so… it’s only natural.
    Just saying. If you are ever in Colorado or Canada, we WANT YOU for Dumbledore’s ARMY!!! *coughcough* I mean… our BFF hangout time…

      1. growingbutterfly

        Laurie and I are already legitimately trying to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon this year – to the point where we have this charming slogan: “#GRANDCANYON2014BITCHES!!!!!!” Now, I don’t know where you live (I’m stalker-ish but I’m not THAT stalker-ish) but if you’re anywhere into or near that hashtag, I’ve got a jar of Nutella and the Wicked OST with your name alllllll over it.

      2. Aussa Lorens

        Haha! Awesome. I am nowhere near the Grand Canyon, though I have always wanted to see it. I imagine I would be super annoying and just wonder around going “Oh my gosh, it’s so big. Can you believe how huge this is? Guys… guys?”

      3. growingbutterfly

        WE have always wanted to see it too! Let’s all go and annoy all the tourists who have been there 5 times, with our wide-eyed wonder…and play a “I think I’ll tryyyyy defyyyying graaaaavity” prank on them all!

        Whoa. I think you’ve officially brought out my inner prankster. Aussa Lorens, you corruptive little minx, you. 😉

  3. JackieP

    With the Nutella again! And what? You don’t want to meet your soon to be PI partner?? Oh I am soooo hurt. hahahah! Great interview. Great pictures. You know I love ya Aussa.

      1. JackieP

        Ahhh! Threats again! hahahah You are so funny, I still laugh when I see that Nutella picture on my fb page. Unfortunately I am not going to BlogHer, but who knows what the future holds, eh? When we get our PI business up and going………. 😉

  4. Julie

    what an interesting interview! although I already know most of these things about Aussa,(carefully line up the edges and twirl your hands around violently till you have a nice ball) the whole twitter thing is facinating. I don’t get it. Not that that is unusual, nor is the fact that I don’t really care for nutella… Perhaps I am broken..

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Julie– everything that could ever matter about me is summed up in those parentheses.
      And… Twitter is like walking through a crowded room full of people having conversations or narrating their lives and being able to catch little snippets here and there from which you can attempt to build an understanding of that person. In short, its pure madness.

      1. Julie

        Thats crazy Aussa! Lots more about you matters! You are just happy I gave you my secret folding technique so you no longer have to stress about it. 🙂

  5. Ranting Crow

    I so wish they had large jars of Nutella. head size. of with the lit and wear it as a hat. driping fun for everyone.
    What fun to read this. did you drop your nutella in that car picture. or did some snealingly gave you a different brand.

    have fun all keep smiling

    1. Aussa Lorens

      I see that she already mentioned that they do have these huge jars– you can google them and lust over the images. And! Are you sure they don’t have them where you are?! I’ve bought large Nutella in places as random as Cambodia and China….

  6. kerbey

    When I picture you now, I will picture you with Stella Artois in one hand, and waving an EPT in the other, possibly yelling, “Ole!” . I’m assuming you got a “positive” on the food baby. Also, I have never heard “steadfastness” as a desirable quality in a mate. You’ve got me trying to figure out if my husband is indeed steadfast…

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Kerbey that has got to be the most accurate mental picture anyone could ever devise when thinking of me. And oh yes, most definitely a positive on the food baby– gestation: THE REST OF MY LIFE.

  7. wahmcat

    A.) I have never had Nutella. (Please don’t shout at me – I’m sensitive. I’ll try it this weekend…I promise.
    B.) I too love Defying Gravity and am jealous of the other ladies in that pic…I’ll pretend I was in the trunk singing along. (Is that too stalker-ish?)
    C.) I can’t wait until someone wants to put me in the spotlight!! @Aussa – I totally have to start stalking you for real to find out what your secrets are!!
    D.) I am so glad YOU were featured (because I’d obviously follow you anywhere) and now I’ve found @OneChicklette – another great blog!! Super excited about that!
    E.) Now I must go. I have a billion things to do.
    (Mental note: Go buy Nutella, (and apparently some bread for toasting and apples), Check out “Till We Have Faces” because I am a C.S. Lewis fan and have not read it yet, Check out @Bloggess. Oh and dinner – must plan to feed the children.)

    1. Aussa Lorens

      A). I would never shout at you! Unless there was something large falling from the sky or any other similar situation.
      B). Not stalkerish at all. You can sing from the trunk of our cars ANY time you want. Actually: let’s just pretend you took the picture and that’s why we can’t see you…
      C). Looks like you’ll be spotlighted soon, huzzah!
      D). I know! This is how we keep meeting and finding more amazing people to connect with.
      E). YOU MUST DO ALL OF THESE THINGS. <– that's not shouting. That's passionate talking.

      1. wahmcat

        On break between classes. I just literally “lol’d” at A, “awww’d” at B, “huzzah’d” at C, nodded in agreement with D and then “lol’d” again with E. I am pretty certain these other students think I’m nuts.

        Actually…they probably think I’m that old lady with an iPhone trying to pretend I have friends to look cool. Yep. Pretty sure those are the looks I’m getting….

      2. Aussa Lorens

        Ha, let ’em look! I’m right there with ya on audible reactions to things read on the screen of a phone or a laptop. I’ve been known to throw my head back and cackle or place my hand over my heart and let out an “awwww!”

  8. Holli

    I tried Nutella for the very first time a couple of years back while on a family vacation in Italy. It seemed like the Italian thing to do. I had heard about and worried that it would be instantaneously addicting. I claimed to hate it and then secretly ate it out of the jar every time I was in the kitchen. I vowed never to eat it again after that trip. Is it possible for people to die from a Nutella artery blockage? Yes, teleporting would be perfect. Aussa, you must know at least one person who has claimed this ability.

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Hahahaha!!! Oh my gosh, I love the secret sneaking of Nutella. We have all done this. I really do have to space out my Nutella purchasing because it’s pretty much a guarantee that I will be opening that jar every hour until it’s licked clean.
      I can think of one man in particular who claimed to teleport! I think of him as “Moses, the Alien Ambassador” and will surely have to blog about him at some point!

  9. Expat Eye

    See? You’re even hilarious on other people’s blogs 😉 Don’t get the Nutella fascination but then I don’t like nuts (at least ones that come in jars) so that might explain it 😉

      1. jaklumen

        @Expat Eye: modern marmalade with the orange citrusness, or the ancient original marmalade that they call “quince preserves”? I’m assuming it’s the former, but this gives me excuse to say I’m growing a quince tree. (I personally think both are quite delicious.)

  10. Jill Weatherholt

    It’s great to get a little more inside information on Aussa, she’s great! I feel the DMV pain…I hate going there. I wish you would have asked her if she ever sleeps. I don’t know how she keeps up with a full-time job and her blog with millions of comments, plus she’s great about visiting other blogs.

  11. Steph

    Great interview! Aussa, I loved you before, but between the wild-eyed pic and the wily comment, now I adore you. I want you to be my best friend. I can offer my turtle-catching abilities, minimal-to-no common sense, and also, I’m really good at growing things.

    1. Aussa Lorens

      I had to think really hard about a one word description… I kept texting people and being like “what’s one word to describe xxxpersonalitymadnessxxxx?” Finally that one just jumped out and couldn’t feel more appropriate.
      I could absolutely use your turtle catching abilities. I tried so so hard over the spring and summer… the only time I ever found a tiny turtle was in this beautiful garden at an art museum. I wanted to reach in and grab him but my boyfriend reminded me that this was stealing. And also that we had a 3 hour drive back home. Dammit.

  12. magicalmysticalmimi

    I tried Nutella and I’m just not a fan, and the minute you say that to someone they tell you 50 million ways it tastes great and then try to slip it into every food they serve you at their house! Okay, maybe that’s just my freaky friends.. I have heard you can put it in brownies so I miiiight try it that way but I’m pretty sure it won’t take my #1 spot of peanut butter. 🙂 Great interview and I love Chicklette’s site. I think I “followed” her everywhere she is! 🙂 – Oh, and my super power would be invisibility.. I’m sure other wish it was too!

      1. Aussa Lorens

        I also followed One Chicklette all over the place when I first came upon her! And oh, Nutella… I suppose I can be open-minded and accepting and resist the urge to proselytize. *sigh*
        And invisibility would certainly come in handy! I feel like I could get away with not having a passport with that one too… Hmmm

      1. Helena Hann-Basquiat

        I know, darling…. bleak mid-winter is a tough time for me. I’ve got Jessica cooking up something dark for you — give the poor gal a couple more days on it… hope you’re doing well. Whenever I crawl out of my cave I take a peek and look for you.

      2. Aussa Lorens

        That’s understandable and I think a lot of us can relate. I so very loved Jessica’s Christmas post *shudder* so I will be looking forward to it. Take care of yourself.

  13. TK

    I’ve now added “Til We Have Faces” to my to-read list. Maybe in 2015? I already have 2014 figured out.

    “We laugh, we cry, we win at the internet.” A truer statement has never been made. I continue to be urber jealous of your blogger skills.

    (bonus questions: Is Nutella Vegan? I suppose I could Google that. I’m just curious)

  14. TJLubrano

    Your hair! Aussa, I love your hair! And now I’m thinking about recipes with nutella…nutella mousse, nutella croissants, nutella cake, nutella cookies…

    I better stop. This was SO much fun to read and I’ve added “Till We Have Faces,” by C.S. Lewis on my to read list! ^_^

      1. TJLubrano

        You’re welcome! I just flew over to your twitter page and had to giggle when I read you had a second account for when you’re in twitter jail. 🙂

        Does it happen often?

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Haha! I have yet to cook/bake/smother anything with Nutella but it’s only a matter of time before I need to branch out from my usual dipping of crackers/spoons/fingers…

      1. TJLubrano

        It’s only a matter of time indeed, but I do see the appeal of just the crackers/spoons…never the fingers unless I picked up the cracker in the wrong way. hehe

  15. MamaMickTerry

    YAY! I feel so fortunate to have discovered Aussa in the blog-o-sphere a few weeks ago. This post was bonus fun pos, LOVED the pictures and had a blast reading it.
    Aussa: I continue to be your biggest fan (I’m not a stalker, I promise!)
    Chicklette: Sweet blog! You have a new follower 🙂
    Finally: ode to Nutella

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Haha! I love how we all got shoutouts, including the Nutella. I’m glad to have found your blog as well! I still plan on borrowing your whimsical dress and boots 😉

  16. mollytopia

    Hooray Aussa – love love love all your answers! You totally win at the internet – so happy I found your blog. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog – good grief lady! Big love to you – sigh. I tweeted it and Facebooked it and called my mother. XO to you AND Jennifer : )

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Hahahahaha thank you, Nancy! I wish I could say that’s the only photo of me out there with crazy eyes, but…. the truth is I had quite a few to select from. I should probably start taking selfies on the regular.

  17. lauralord

    Great answers…like I expected anything else 😀 Also, great questions. I think some sort of “Favorite Way to Eat Nutella” question should become a feature…at least if Aussa ever comes back.

      1. lauralord

        Or you could force them to share Nutella recipes…I need some new ones. Just saying. -Uses your questions for personal gain.- Mwahahahahahah.

  18. Sara Kjeldsen

    Yay! You have no idea how happy I am to read this. Your pictures were all very epic. It was kind of uncanny because my room mate and I were just talking about our pregnant friends before I read your post and then I saw you that picture of you waving the pregnancy test and I was like… whoa!! I am intrigued by the story “Until We Have Faces” since you identified so well with that character. Plus, C,S. Lewis is an amazing writer. Haha and you really do love your Nutella, don’t you? We are ALL dying to meet you in person one day, too!

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Sara, we need to throw a party and all meet up! Let’s call it a “blogging conference” and then we can all write it off as a tax deduction for being starving artists.
      “Till We Have Faces” is a retelling of the Cupid and Psyche myth– I first read it when I was 12 or so and have been rereading it every since. I always feel like I “get” something more each time. It’s that good.

      1. Sara Kjeldsen

        Yes, we all really need to do a “blogging” conference. That would really make my life!

        And this novel sounds super interesting – I am going to add it to my list and hopefully give a read this year. The best books are the ones that you can get something new or more out of them each time.

  19. REDdog

    Aussome, here you are! You know I already think your omnipotent but you’re like, omnipresent as well…I think you’ve probably crossed that line where it’s easier to list the parts of the ether that you don’t occupy. You’re like the nutella of the ether, yummy goodness for everyone! You give great interviews. Love yer shit. RED

    1. Aussa Lorens

      REDdog! Always so happy to hear from you 🙂 I’m completely hung up on this “Nutella of the Ether” comment. That’s like… the highest praise I can possibly imagine. I kind of want to make a new business card that reads:

      Aussa Lorens
      *Nutella of the Ether*

      1. Aussa Lorens

        Ha! All our hips (and various other jiggling areas) can join together in mutual animosity.
        PS: I just ate a butterfinger (what the heck) out of the vending machine because I’m THAT desperate for chocolate. Didn’t even come close…

  20. lrconsiderer

    *grins* I laughed at you lumping ‘all the books’ as one item you can’t live without. Gotta respect that 😀 Great interview (and yes – wily for closing the comments chez toi 😉 )

  21. maurnas

    I could not agree more with the bloggess. She is amazing and I love her. I would be such a dorky fangirl if I met her.

  22. maurnas

    I could not be more in agreement with the bloggess. She is amazing and I love her. I know if I met her I would be all fangirly.

      1. Aussa Lorens

        No worries on the duplicate comment, it pretty much deserves to be said twice. I would probably just stand awkwardly to the side and stare at her and be like “Hi. I like your blog, you are real funny.”

  23. T. Dawn

    I love your idea of a good time. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m getting “older” or what but I LOVE going to dinner with friends mainly for the conversation. Good conversation, wine and food I don’t have to prepare equals greatness in my world. Even better, when I use to throw parties, I would subliminally place conversation starters around my house just to ensure great stories were had by all. I’m totally turned on by a new perspective or a good laugh. Congrats on being spotlighted!

    @OneChicklette…I’m glad I landed on your blog. It’s nice to meet someone else that loathes cucumbers and falls down standing still. You picked a great chick to highlight!

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Yes! I’m glad you feel the love for wine + storytelling. My best memories with friends and strangers are those times that there was nothing going on except the swapping of stories. I love that you left conversation starters, that’s brilliant! I feel like blogging is kind of like this… we can all hang out and the conversation and stories sort of flow all over the place.

      1. T. Dawn

        I never thought of blogging that way but you’re right. What’s even better is people can’t see you roll your eyes when you disagree, catch you in an ugly cry or hear you snort (I swear I don’t snort) when you laugh at something completely inappropriate.

  24. PinotNinja

    And now my favorites are favoriting each other?! I don’t know what the has gotten into the world this week, but I am definitely liking it.

    I feel like this calls for a round of wine and cupcakes for everyone!

  25. Kylie

    You’re funny, Aussa 🙂 I was on The Bloggess’s website the other day and so your blog listed in her blogroll and I was all, like, I internet-know someone internet-famous!!

  26. Doug in Oakland

    Wiley? Why does that word make me think of small, furry animals? Nutella is OK, it kind of reminds me of these chocolate bars we sold at a place I worked, that were filled with almond butter. Love the pictures, glad to see your conquest of the internets is still on the march.
    And onechicklette, now I’ll have to come back and read more of your blog because you have such good taste that you have featured Aussa.

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Oh man. Chocolate bars filled with almond butter? I could sink my teeth into something like that right now. Especially since I just ruined my oatmeal and thus have been given a free pass by the universe to eat something unhealthy for breakfast.

  27. My Muted Voice

    I love all the photos of yourself that you included on your own post and this one Aussa! We all love your blog and you’re going to do great things!

    Oh and Linda in Latvia is awesome. I’ve been following her since the beginning. Her posts are so funny. I can’t wait to see where she ends up next.

  28. Lori D

    These are fantastic answers. I don’t think there was a one that I could not relate too, most especially the nutella and my gf’s living 1000’s of miles away, but still defying gravity when we meet (even on skype). Oh, and the words you chose for the the qualities in a love interest were perfect. Great job, and thanks to OneChicklette for featuring you.

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Yes, Lori you are officially added to the roadtrip idea that has been born out of this post. Nutella +Defying Gravity for hours upon hours of open road.
      PS I first wrote “born” as “Bourne.” I’ve been watching too many Matt Damon movies, me thinks.

  29. monochromejunkie

    I just love the stuffings out of that Aussa. She’s one of the few people that make me look mild. It isn’t easy to outdo me, but I don’t mind giving a big round of applause for that one!

    (GOOOO AUSSA………….!)

    Aussome Lorens. <<<<

    She is for real my hero. :0)

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Haha! I don’t know if I quite make you look mild– I’ve never driven down the highway with an asshole riding on the hood of my car, hanging on for dear life 😉 I can only stand in awe over this.

      Mutual heroes, my INFJ friend!

      1. monochromejunkie

        Ok. You got me!

        But I have to give you massive props because you work in a PSYCH hospital. I just have to read and write about it. ;0) And really, when you can make it seem as glamorous as you do and make everybody want your job, dang. That’s when you KNOW you’re good.

        I’m still laughing at the picture of you (which in now permanently fixed in my mind) waving around the pregnancy test in a Tex-Mex restaurant. HA. That’s the BEST.

  30. No Blog Intended

    Stella Artois.
    Stella. Artois.

    Dear Aussa, how on earth did you ‘discover’ this beer? Your coolness just exploded. I have a hard time disliking people who like Stella…

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Oh my goodness, I had a stella yesterday whilst having a mid-day magazine break and it was a moment of such perfection… I can’t even describe it. It was magic. I can’t find a beer I love more. I “discovered” it when I was 21 or so and on the train from Paris to London. An Australian guy bought me several of them in these cute little cans. It was love at first sip.

  31. Sarah

    I have Nutella! We have a strange relationship. I either have to eat a spoonful every night after dinner, or go through a phase where I have none at all for weeks. Weird!

    1. Aussa Lorens

      Ah! It’s taken me way too long to realize this comment was here, Sarah! And I’m actually very similar in my Nutella ways… I have to not allow myself to buy it on a regular basis because I will eat it in like two days flat. Must pace myself.

      1. Sarah

        I only tried it for the first time within the last year or so. I had to know what all the hype was about.
        I’m way behind on your posts! I’ve been slacking on the blogging and reading of the blogs lately…
        Have a great weekend!

      2. Sarah

        Why do I not live in a world where my blog and the blogs that I like to read are the only things that matter? Oh and my kids. Them too.

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