I’d like to thank the Academy…the CVS Academy

That exists, right?

It totally should because I need to thank someone for acknowledging my super saver-ness. I got this email Monday:


This wasn’t a big surprise. Anyone who has snooped in my bathroom knows I’m a health and beauty hoarder.

med cabinet

If you need to wash your face, stop by. I just counted six Cetaphils under the sink.

And every time I get a coupon that requires a minimum purchase, I stock up on salon hair care items CVS apparently isn’t supposed to sell and pricey Intuition razors. But I’d prefer you not stop by to shave your legs, ok? I’m not that generous.

I told @cmajaski of my goal for 2014.

But perhaps my goal should be just to use up the stuff I’ve already got.

The usual disclaimer: the is not a sponsored post. Chiefly because no one asked.

5 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the Academy…the CVS Academy

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    I should buy stock in Cetaphil, that’s liquid gold with the kid’s skin issues. I am pretty sure his dermatologist is a major shareholder already.


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