I loathe this book

I loathe this book and yet I forced myself to finish. Do you do that too?

After I finally finished the book (and it felt like ages), I googled the title and the author to see what other people thought. I quickly got the sense that people who liked it didn’t look much past the apparently still-titillating notion of a relationship between two women. I say this because few people commented on the god-awful writing, and the huge holes in both plot and character.

Even NPR? Yep. The headline: Steamy Novel An ‘Education’ In Youth, Love And Mistakes.

Good freakin’ grief.

I also turned to Good Reads which made me feel a bit better.

What do you do when you pick up a book and quickly realize it isn’t going to live up to your expectations?

23 thoughts on “I loathe this book

  1. TK

    It depends on my commitment to reading a book. If it’s something I borrowed from a friend or something I picked up on a whim because someone somewhere said it would be worth my time, I’d stop reading if the first few chapters didn’t hook me. But, if I was, say, half way through the book, or if I made a personal commitment to finish the book, I’d feel obligated to finish the whole thing.

  2. Steph

    Yes, I do that too, and sometimes it is frustrating! Once I start, it’s like I have to finish it. But I also organize my bookshelves according to the ranking of the author in my mind, so…I’m kind of a book nut.

  3. The Howling Fantogs

    I tend to finish it if I can, but usually take a break and read other books in between. There gave only been a couple I really could not finish.

  4. about100percent

    This book is on my to read list. You’re convincing me to let it go already.

    Les Miserables made me miserable. Yet I finished it because I felt I had to. It took me four months to read it.

  5. about100percent

    You are convincing me to remove this book from my to read list. It’s okay. There are others.

    Les Miserables made me miserable. I finished it because I felt I should. It took me four months.

  6. mollytopia

    I have to finish it, and it annoys the crap out of me. Internal question throughout: it HAS to redeem itself at some point right? Wrong. The title of the last awful book I read has been erased from my memory. In happier news, Etched in Sand and Chanel Bonfire were both great reads : )

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