Twitter Spotlight: Christina Majaski

Writer, very funny blogger (you can apply to date her)

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@cmajaski: humor, a beautiful brain, and the ability to cook well.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@cmajaski: bitchery

OneChicklette: !!! (I need to use that)


OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@cmajaski: They tolerate and support my hair-brained ideas.

OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@cmajaski: Sunshine and my daughter.

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@cmajaski: Being trapped in any sort of trap. Or Walmart.

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character

@cmajaski: The girl in Haruki Murakami’s “On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl”

OneChicklette: Your favorite thing to eat, and also to drink

@cmajaski: sushi, cucumbers in anything, kimchi, all of the wines

 OneChicklette: Five tangible things you can’t live without

@cmajaski: my iPhone, high heels, padded bras, coconut oil, coffee

OneChicklette: Your worst habit

@cmajaski: staying up all night. I don’t usually sleep before 4 am.

OneChicklette: What’s the number one item on your bucket list? (question via @SaraLang)

@cmajaski: To write something that is talked about hundreds of years after I’m gone.

@OneChicklette: Who do you know via social media that you’re dying to meet in real life?  (this question came via @Tammy)

@cmajaski: It would be nice to just take a tour and have coffee with every single person I’ve met from social media.

@OneChicklette: How many days do you think you would you go without speaking a single word, if you were being paid $100,000 a day for every consecutive day you didn’t speak? (this amazing question came via @BrianSpaeth)

@cmajaski: Forever. Especially if I were still allowed Twitter. I could do a lot for the world with $100,000 a day and the world could probably do well without me speaking.

OneChicklette: via @AndiLavs What was the last kind thing you did?

@cmajaski: I would rather not say. I am bitchy but I have a huge heart. Good deeds are better left unannounced. 

OneChicklette: A question I should ask the next participant

@cmajaski: When you look back in 20 years, what will be your biggest regret?

OneChicklette: Random shout out 

@cmajaski: My friends on Twitter who almost always support my shenanigans. But also those who keep me fed and tipsy: @MoneyCrashers @LevityDept @PayScale

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