Sorry about your car, yo

You might get it back in March April snow NYC is expecting another 4-6 inches of snow overnight.


I don’t mind. I’m cozy and warm at home (as well as a little under the weather–it’s good to stay inside).


Stay safe, East Coasters!


8 thoughts on “Sorry about your car, yo

  1. Paul

    As a rugged Canadian, I scoff at the few flurries I see in your photos. I’ve been in NYC during “snow storms” and wondered what all the fuss was about. Although, to be honest, the funniest response to snow I’ve ever observed was while visiting Houston some years ago when it snowed about 6 inches. Ha! Made New Yorkers look stoic.

      1. Paul

        You’re right – it is relative; I was teasing. Something as simple as leaving space when building for snow to be pushed during winter can make a huge difference. We have snow removal equipment and operators that can easily handle big storms; and on sunny days, the crews spend their time hauling away the snow to make room for the next storm. It is an expensive but necessary program. New York has little of that and even something as simple as an overpass caused a problem with plowing snow off one road and down onto another. Yeah, I too find the windy city frigid this time of year. Eastern US has been having a miserable winter this year, far outside the norm. Stay warm and think about Kenya!

  2. PinotNinja

    My car was that car one year in Boston. It took weeks before the snow had melted enough that I could even contemplate unburying it. But, turns out the parking authority was not as deterred as I was — by the time I dug down to my windshield, I found that they had been piling street cleaning parking tickets on there (and then covering them back up with snow!) the entire time.

    Well played, city, well played…


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