We’re ready for you, Seth Meyers

My friend Katie got tickets to a very first test show for Late Night with Seth Meyers and kindly took me as one of her guests. Lucky me!


Another terrific only-in-NYC experience.

After we got our wristbands, our group of four went and got a little wine at Brasserie Ruhlmann.

And then it was time.


Time to line up and wait, that is. It’s part of going to TV shows, I have learned. Prepare yourself to wait, and hit the bathroom when you can.

Trust me. Unlike the nice NBC pages at Saturday Night Live, the Seth Meyers pages were like “no! You cannot use the restroom!”

But otherwise, it was a cool experience.

Seth was as adorable and charming and funny as you have come to expect from SNL.

His test guests were Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today Show and Mike O’Brien of the current SNL cast. Lutz from 30 Rock also did a bit.

Fred Armisen and the 8G band are pretty good (although I wasn’t totally sold on Fred’s singing voice, to be honest).

A band performed and it pains me that I can’t remember their name right now. I liked them too. Curses!

The pages wouldn’t let me use the bathroom on my way out either so I raced all the way home to Brooklyn. But I’m not holding it against Seth.

Late Night with Seth Meyers premieres February 24. Will you be watching?

5 thoughts on “We’re ready for you, Seth Meyers

  1. PinotNinja

    I AM SO JEALOUS! Like dying of jealousy. Although, its probably a good thing I wasn’t there because I would have rushed the stage and asked Seth to marry me. It would have been awkward when he told me that he was already married. Like REALLY awkward.

    I had a friend take me to SNL once when I still lived in NYC, and it is one of my very favorite NY memories. Opportunities like this make me regret fleeing Brooklyn for the tropics…

  2. Lance

    I like him. I saw his first show, I was non-plussed but Conan and Jimmy Fallon were both not good for a while then they got great. I think Seth will do well


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