The best things

These are the best things I’ve seen/read/heard in recent days.

Have you watched this video of strangers kissing? I had such a giddy feeling as I did so–and I wondered if any of the former strangers swapped phone numbers!

The lovely Aussa Lorens joined Instagram!

I love the photo of young Bolshoi dancers Joanna posted on her blog.

There’s a great Tim Riggins reference in this NY Mag profile of writer Lorrie Moore.

Blame ennui.

7 thoughts on “The best things

  1. sisyphusjns

    I totally want to make out with a stranger after watching that video. Except, maybe I want a hot stranger, which was really where I was before watching the video. Never mind.

  2. LAMarcom

    “Friday Night Lights”
    Hated to see it end.
    Yep, Tim Riggins was one of the most interesting characters. I admired him.
    I loved / still love Tami (Connie Britton)
    Happily, we still have ‘Nashville’ to look forward to.


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