Have you ever been to a divorce party?

My buddy Molly of Mollytopia posted a recap of her friend’s wild divorce party. Things got a little crazy. You have to read about the shenanigans.

She included this gif in her post. If I squint while I look at it, the girl in the gif looks like Molly.

Divorce parties are a popular subject on Pinterest.

I haven’t been to a divorce party (yet) but it’s clearly A Thing. Have you?

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11 thoughts on “Have you ever been to a divorce party?

  1. Deborah Ilene

    I have. I helped throw one. One of my high school friends had married a guy who turned out to be physically abusive. The super woman my friend is, she was strong enough to not let it go even just the one time. She bounced and when the divorce was finalized we went to a piano bar, put her in a red veil with penis shaped everything and called it her “re-bachelorette” party. Her mom and I made it a huge deal so that she would feel proud of herself for loving herself more than anything else in that situation.


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