The All-Important Mental Health Day

I have worked for my present employer for, like, one million years. As a result, I get a nice big block of vacation time.

It makes trips like Kenya possible. But also random Fridays off, a practice I heartily endorse. I used a vacation day Friday and it was a lovely Mental Health Day in Manhattan.

Plastic Flower Shop

I slept in before heading to the East Village to get my hair done – a Brazilian Blowout specifically. More on that tomorrow.


I had a delicious late lunch at Bobwhite on Avenue C.


The food and service were great–they even charged my dead phone for me.


Then I rambled around the East Village, walking off my chicken sandwich, mac & cheese and $3 Kelso Nut Brown Ale (hooray for happy hour prices!).


NYC was sunny and almost-warm. I felt happy.

What do you like to do on a Mental Health Day.


11 thoughts on “The All-Important Mental Health Day

      1. Expat Eye

        Tell me about it 😉 It’s 7.30am here, 4 degrees and pissing it down with rain. What I wouldn’t give to stay in bed for a few more hours!

  1. LAMarcom

    Great photos.
    I need to check out your Kenya post.
    While I was in the Navy, I spent a week in Kenya. What a beautiful country.
    And the Kenyans are some of the best people you will ever meet.
    Worked with quite a few Kenyans while in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Loved them all.


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