Twitter Spotlight: Emily L. Foley

Meet lovely Emily. I hope to someday soon!


Emily is a writer and beauty expert. She has a terrific blog and is tons of fun to tweet with, particularly about shows like The Bachelor.

She also has great enough hair that she’s not afraid to have her picture taken with the Connie Britton of Nashville and Friday Night Lights fame.


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@EmilyLFoley: Will scratch my head while we watch TV, happy with 10% of the closet space, considers taking out the trash ‘his job’, watches my shows without complaining–oh, and sense of humor, honest and supportive. And yes, I’m just listing things I like about my husband: I’ve been with the guy for 9 years.

OneChicklette: Your chief characteristic (one word)

@EmilyLFoley: Hard-working

OneChicklette: What you appreciate most in your friends

@EmilyLFoley: Unconditional support

OneChicklette: Your idea of happiness

@EmilyLFoley: 8 hours of sleep; 72 degrees and sunny; good hair days; deliveries; watching my daughter play when she doesn’t know I’m watching (and sometimes getting videos of it, so I can watch them in 20 years and cry); ‘yes’ emails from editors/producers.

OneChicklette: Your idea of misery

@EmilyLFoley: Two lanes of traffic going in my direction where the speed limit is 55 (which means you should be driving 64), and two cars are side by side in both lanes driving 45. This happens a lot, and takes a year or two off my life every time.

OneChicklette: Your favorite fictional character

@EmilyLFoley: Heathcliff from ‘Wuthering Heights’ and Elle Woods.


OneChicklette: Your favorite thing to eat, and also to drink

@EmilyLFoley: These certain brownies that my mom makes that are shockingly delicious (and I’ve never met a brownie I don’t like). They are literally the perfect food. And water. Always water.

OneChicklette: Five tangible things you can’t live without

@EmilyLFoley: Not going to lie: Five is a pretty low number–I’m not really a roughing it kind of person. But, let’s go with: My laptop; my phone; toothpaste/toothbrush; soap (three kinds–face, body and hand) and (fast) internet. 

OneChicklette: What’s the number one item on your bucket list? (question via @SaraLang)

@EmilyLFoley: I really don’t have a bucket list. I’m more of a doer than a wisher. 

@OneChicklette: Who do you know via social media that you’re dying to meet in real life?  (this question came via @Tammy) 

@EmilyLFoley: I do a pretty good job of meeting my Twitter friends in real life! (You’re next, Jennifer!)

OneChicklette: Yes, please! 

@OneChicklette: How many days do you think you could go without speaking a single word, if you were being paid $100,000 a day for every consecutive day you didn’t speak? (this amazing question came via @BrianSpaeth)

@EmilyLFoley: In principle, a very long time. I would be very rich. In real life, where I live with a 3-year-old, I wouldn’t make it 20 minutes.


OneChicklette: via @AndiLavs What was the last kind thing you did?

@EmilyLFoley: Damn, Andrea–good question, girl! I donate beauty products from my segments to a battered women’s shelter. Mascara is a powerful tool, period, but particularly to someone who has been made to feel like she’s less than. 

OneChicklette: A question I should ask the next participant:

@EmilyLFoley: If you were in a sinking boat with your mom, your significant other and your child, and could only save one of them, whom would you choose? (This Psychology 101 question used to drive me crazy, because there is clearly only ONE correct answer, and people who say the other two are idiots.)

OneChicklette: Random shout out 

@EmilyLFoley: I really don’t know what do with this. Self promote and say my blog, Emily Suggests ( Be gracious and say, Ms. OneChicklette for asking me to do this? Pull from the awards show playbook and thank my mom and Jesus? Decisions, decisions.

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