Kickstarter for Cats

You know how I feel about cats: I love ’em but from afar. I’m allergic.

But how handsome is Fitzroy, Wendy Brandes‘ exotic shorthair?

The gorgeous Fitzroy via

Anyway. This exists.

What does your favorite cat want you to create (beyond dinner)?

7 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Cats

  1. stacy

    I am an animal lover, but was never fond of cats. That is, until I met FitzRoy Brandes. I wuv him. I would adore him even if I wasn’t Wendy’s neighbor and pal. He is adorable. He is hilarious. Fitz has such personality and such smooshy face — I think he actually turned his Aunt Stacy into a cat lover 🙂

  2. joeyfullystated

    Hmm…Other than being fed and brushed/petted, I’m not sure my cats want anything. I placed a pillow atop a basket atop a dresser in front of the window yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it’s the hip new place for cats!


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